Chapter 6
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Victoria is the home of a number of leading CE businesses. While the number is small, these businesses are great models of what can be achieved, and their experiences provide both insights and guidance for other businesses about to start the CE journey.

The participant leaders were at different maturity levels on their circular journey. Circular start-ups and companies that have transformed their traditional linear business models to circular models demonstrate mature CE strategies, and others were on the journey to circularity.

The central narrative demonstrates that the leading CE efforts are driven by leaders’ values and passionate customers, while top-down policy facilitation is just starting to emerge. While each of the leading CE businesses have faced some barriers and challenges, they have largely overcome these to provide a range of benefits to their supply chain participants, and their communities.

The narrative, while celebrating the success of the leading CE businesses, provides valuable insights for those about to start their circular journey. The narrative is not the path, though sensitises businesses to key considerations for the first steps along the path. The findings facilitate the project's next phase that promotes awareness and capability to adopt CE strategies in manufacturing businesses in Southeast Victoria through seminars and workshops.

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